It is becoming more important for businesses to have a global presence in their market place. This increases the need to make and receive international payments in Euros, Dollars and other currencies. Baydonhill is a major provider of corporate foreign exchange and international payment services. We have thousands of customers registered with us who take advantage of our experience and expertise on a daily basis.

Who uses Baydonhill corporate services?

  • Tailored Services

    ‘We take pride in our consultative approach, getting to know you and your business and what is important to you which allows us to tailor our range of products and services to best meet the needs of your company.’

  • Charities

    Baydonhill is a proud member of the Charity Finance Group, as well as a contributor to the Stamp Out Poverty 'Better FX' project. Through this, we have been able to assist a number of charities with their foreign exchange needs.

  • Sports Industry

    We are in a unique position benefitting from the industry experience of Tom Voyce. Tom played Rugby for England and now heads up our Sports Desk, offering a unique insight into the foreign exchange needs of international sports professionals.

    Our clients range from sports agents to industry sponsors.

  • Importers & Exporters

    Our services can help expand your markets, protecting your profit against currency movement and giving you the flexibility, choice and security in your currency needs.

  • Farming & Agriculture

    Whether you are receiving individual farm payments or buying heavy machinery we can help walk you through the stages of buying currency.

  • Travel & Tourism Sector

    We are a trusted partner of the Association of Independent Tour Operators (“AITO”) and help many travel agents and tour companies mitigate currency fluctuations when offering their products to their customers.

    What can you expect from Baydonhill?

    • Personal Service

      Personal Service Your dedicated currency dealer is always on hand to offer help and update you on your market data.

    • Account manager

      Account manager Your local account manager is there to ensure your transition to Baydonhill is easy, hassle free and that you get the service you deserve.

    • Online service through BHOnline

      BHOnline Easy access to exchanging your currency, manage your beneficiaries, make international payments and monitor exchange rates.

    • Free market information

      Free market information Informative market analysis to assist you in making the right decisions at the right time.

How can you use Baydonhill corporate services?

  • Spot Contracts

    If you need to buy or sell currency immediately, a SPOT contract is the best option. This is the most commonly used contract which is typically settled within two working days.

    To place a Spot Contract, simply call your Currency Dealer or log on to your Baydonhill Online account to make the transaction. We offer 123 different currencies, a wider choice than most major banks and other financial institutions. Currencies include majors such as Sterling, US Dollar, Euros; Minors including Hong Kong Dollar, Swedish Krona, South African Rand and exotic currencies such as Mexican peso, Chinese Renminbi and Brazilian Real.

    If you would like a full list of our currencies click here.

  • Forward Contracts

    This is a currency contract, which can help protect you from market ‘price’ volatility. This allows you to buy or sell a currency in advance, at an agreed price for a future date. This gives you the security of a guaranteed rate of exchange, without tying up valuable financial resources.

    For more information on Forward Contracts see our FAQ’s

  • Baydonhill Online

    BHOnline is our online payments system, allowing you to quickly place spot orders, book forward contracts, edit and add beneficiaries. There is also a powerful reporting tool, which allows you to analyse all of your payments and manage your funds on account. You can set rate alerts, which will tell you when a particular rate of exchange has been reached and you have all the latest market information at your fingertips.

    To find out more about BHOnline click here
  • Incoming Currencies

    Changes in exchange rates include changes in the value of a company’s assets, liabilities and cash flows, especially when they are denominated in a foreign currency. So fluctuation in the currency markets can have an impact on your incoming funds.
  • Holding Accounts

    We offer the facility of segregated foreign currency holding accounts, free of charge. These enable you to hold foreign currency “on account” for future use or until you are ready to take advantage of favourable rates.
  • Market Information

    Our daily market bulletin provides you with relevant, timely and informative market analyses to assist you with your purchasing decisions. A weekly summary of past and upcoming market events is also provided for those interested in planning ahead. If required, your dealer will also keep you up to date with daily market information and movements.
  • Rate Alerts

    With the possibility of 30,000 price changes a day, you need a provider that stays on top of the market. Your Currency Dealer can set up a system of alerts to monitor for specific exchange rates and tailor a risk profile to suit your individual needs. These alerts can be sent by email, text message or simply a call from your dealer, alternatively this can be managed through our online service – BHOnline.
  • Market Orders

    Global currency markets are open almost 24 hours a day and a Market Order will allow you to capitalise on this fast paced environment.

    A market order is an instruction to Baydonhill that allows you to specify an amount of currency you would like to exchange at a specific rate. When the desired exchange rate is reached, Baydonhill will automatically buy the currency for you and send you notification.

    Market orders remain active outside of normal local trading hours, giving you the ability to capitalise on currency movements within the US and Asian markets.

    The minimum amount for market orders is £50,000 per order.

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